Intention Candle - Palo Santo/Chai & Cinnamon

Intention Candle - Palo Santo/Chai & Cinnamon

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Create a space of vibrational solace and intention with the properties of Palo Santo. Nested in a blend of creamy, vegan-friendly soy & coconut wax, infused with incredible room-filling scents, this statement candle is the perfect addition to your self-care ritual.

Palo Santo – Sweet, sugary, intoxicating scent, works quickly to increases relaxation and bring about feelings of positivity in any space.

Chai & Cinnamon— Think sugar, spice and all things nice. This indulgent blend of chai and cinnamon will warm your senses and create a mouth-watering aroma.

warm  ·  spice  ·  rich

400g approx. 70 hour burn time if candle care is followed.