Baby Play & Learning Toys

Baby Play & Learning Toys

At 3 Little Crowns, we bring together the highest quality essentials for every baby. Play and learning toys will be the baby’s first contact with the kinaesthetic world around them, so you we've got you covered when it comes to premium quality learning toys and accessories. From play mats, teethers, rattles, and baby rockers, to flashcards and puzzles - 3 Little Crowns has everything for your little one’s entertainment.

Baby Play Mat

Before your little one can sit and crawl, they’ll lay down most of the time. If you’re not carrying them, the baby will want to be entertained. Putting your newborn on a premium baby play mat will be one of the best options. For those who love the outdoors, our sustainably made multi-mats have been specially designed to be both practical to use whilst still remaining eco-friendly. Crafted using 100% Vegan Leather on both sides, our luxury mats are water-resistant, stain-resistant and more importantly non toxic. We deliver play mats all over Australia and worldwide so be sure to browse through our online store and find your favourite baby play mat.

Baby Rockers

Our Charlie Crane baby rockers are designed to be functional and beautiful. Every baby rocker features warm tones of natural wood and a wide selection of beautiful fabrics that blend seamlessly with your home’s nursery décor while making a bold statement. The premium cushions in each of our baby rockers are also easily removable and machine washable for added convenience. The Charlie Crane baby rockers lightweight child friendly design provides proven ergonomics to support your child's healthy growth and it’s natural rocking softly follows the movements of your baby. 

Baby Rattles

Once your baby is old enough to hold a toy in their hands, a baby rattle will be one of the most entertaining play toys. Look into our wide assortment of rattan baby rattles in the shape of a mushroom, acorn or our most popular Raya rattle.