Meal Time & Feeding Accessories

Meal Time & Feeding Accessories

Mealtime and feeding accessories can make mealtimes so much easier for mums and dads as well as their precious babies too. We stock a range of high-quality baby feeding products to make baby feeding times a breeze. 

Silicone & Vegan Leather Bibs

Babies are not always focused on what they’re doing, so feeding times can turn into a real nightmare if their freshly pressed clothes get all stained with food. To avoid making a mess and keep your little one safe from spills and stains, look through our wide assortment of silicone and vegan leather bibs. Our premium baby bibs are easy to clean and won’t catch food stains. They’re waterproof, easy to wipe, feature a convenient pocket for the food to fall in and it’s easy to roll up and travel on the go. All you need to do is use a wet wipe/cloth or rinse the food with water, and that’s it. The lightweight bibs ensures maximum comfort and functionality. They are soft to touch and can be easily rolled up and stored in your handbag.

A silicone baby bib comes in a set with the rest of the silicone feeding essentials, including a bowl, a divider plate, a training cup and a cutlery set for added value. Teach your little one to eat on their own when the time comes, without making feeding times stressful.

Snuggle Bibs

Welcome to Snuggle Bibs – wipe down, super soft, waterproof food bibs. These baby bibs don’t just look good, they help keep your bub looking good as well. Closing with Velcro, you can make the neck larger or smaller to suit your child and the in-built hanging loop makes it easy to hang on a hook in your kitchen, side of the high-chair or even attach it to the pram during outings. Soft like fabric and waterproof like silicone, our baby bibs are versatile and portable, and will be welcome in any home. Keep mealtime mess to a minimum while making it fun and beautiful with our snuggle bibs. All of our baby bibs come in a variety of colours to match any baby’s outfit and style. Bibs never looked so good!